What is a commissioned artwork?

Over the centuries, famous artists and musicians, such as Rembrandt, Michelangelo and Bach have worked on commission for royal houses and prosperous trading houses.
At Art in Residence you can have a unique painting commissioned to your liking, with the handwriting of visual artist Kay Sleking.


  • One of the paintings on Art in Residence is sold out and you want a similar painting.
  • Your favorite painting is too large for the intended room, or too small.
  • You have a precious memory that you want to capture, for example a specific sea view.
  • You explain what moves you in an image and give Carte Blanche to the artist.

How does it work?

You contact Art in Residence and we make an appointment with Kay Sleking for you in the studio or by (video) calling to discuss your wishes.

For example a sea landscape, a flight of birds, or an abstraction of an image.
Which colors best suit your interior.
Which dimension you have in mind.
What the costs are.

A painting on commission is possible from € 150.