Two Storks is based on a pair of storks in the Frankendael park, Amsterdam-Watergraafsmeer. The young have become so used to life among the people in the park that they look for food in the grass between the herons and ducks.

Two Storks
Acrylic on wood
160 cm x 60 cm

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Storks (Ciconia ciconia) are impressive birds, which originated several million years ago and have made a name for themselves as good news, transformation and happiness.

Stork Etude No. 2  is the larger version of the Stork Etude No. 1.
Acrylic on wood with a layer of polished epoxy. The polished epoxy gives the painting an elegant look.

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Storks Over Water is very suitable in a quiet environment due to the deep blue background. The surface is treated with glossy epoxy, so you can see reflections in the painting.

Acrylic on wood and epoxy
Dimensions 110 cm X 50 cm

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